3 Celebs Who Take Anabolic Steroids

Anabolic steroids are all the rage at the gym. Right? I mean, who hasn’t been hit up to give them a try or talked into a corner about how great that they are. While you may know a guy or two who takes them to increase his chances of growing bigger, stronger muscles, you may not have known that these VERY well known celebrities use them too. From action stars that we remember from ages ago to today’s top 100 chart makers, here are 3 celebrities who use an anabolic steroid to create the bodies that they are known for today…

Dr. Dre

Several years back, and we do mean several, Dr. Dre was involved in a scandal with a NY doctor who was under investigation for prescribing these drugs for the wrong reasons to certain celebrities. Other celebs were also in on this scandal. From old school chart topper Mary J. Blige to more recent artist 50 Cent, everyone got in on this now infamous case of anabolic steroid use. This does not necessarily prove the guilt of anyone in the case but it does show that Hollywood, even the women, have anabolic steroids on their radar for feeling better and looking better all at the same time.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Of all the people on this list, this name is probably the least likely to surprise you. Dwayne is type cast often because of his size and physique. In Hollywood, that is just how things work. However, just because Dwayne is a big guy does not mean that he does everything the same as when he first got to be, well, a big guy. Dwayne spoke up to the bodybuilding community a few years back when he admitted to having dabbled in steroids back in high school with football friends. However, he says now that he feels that they are unhealthy and he prefers to train clean.

Tyler Perry

Ok. Ok. Tyler Perry is NOT a huge guy. He is not even really a muscle-bound guy, so, this name likely surprises a lot of you who are looking to gain muscle not grow tinier. However, the weird thing about anabolic steroids is that each brand has a different use. Perry needed to lose a little weight and while he does look leaner and you can tell that he has a little tone to him, what these steroids really did for Perry was help him to lose pounds that were not wanting to budge otherwise.

The next time you are stuck in a talk about anabolic steroids at the gym, either give them a try or make up an excuse to get out of there. You know… that whole protein intake window thing usually works if you play your cards right.